Open Theft Of Democracy By The Democratic Party

Super Tuesday May 3rd 2020 was a dark day for democracy. A candidate that was polling at or below 15%. A candidate who has shown signs of early onset dementia or Alzheimer's disease by forgetting where he was at or peoples names and titles in front of crowds of hundreds. A candidate who stood in front of a room full of billionaires and said "If I become President, don't worry nothing will change" all of a sudden sweeps through over five states?

I'm not buying it. The fix is in. Voter suppression through out the primary states with people waiting as long as seven hours to vote along with the late voter dump off to Biden by Amy and Mayor Pete were the primary reason for Biden's victory's.

But, I say that Biden's run is not sustainable. Joe Biden is mentally unfit to lead this nation, serve in congress, or go one on one in a debate for an hour or more with Bernie Sanders. His record is too dismal and republican friendly to defend. The Iraq war, the crime bill, Videos of racist fearmongering speeches about a black man named "Corn Pop" , Videos of the grilling of Anita Hill, Videos of him repeatedly saying he was going to cut social programs i.e. Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. And lets not forget the creepy part of Joe Biden's History. Video after Video of the Senator rubbing the shoulders of young girls and strange women while whispering creepily into their ears. This guy is Trump all over again.

The Sanders camp needs to start going hard and heavy at Joe on his terrible record and perverse behavior. If they don't you have to wonder if Sanders wants to see change bad enough. Telling the hard truth about someone you consider a friend and hurting their feelings is worth saving the country and the millions of us who live in it. GO HARD BERNIE!!!!

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